Available payment methods

With the available payment methods, you will always see all payment methods that are supported by the provider. Depending on the final total amount and / or the chosen shipping method, it may be that ultimately not every payment method is available. Conversely, it is also possible that the provider supports even more payment methods. The complete list of available payment methods can always be found in the order screen.

Shipping cost indication

For the parts you will find an indication of the shipping costs. This always concerns the cheapest shipping method. No account is taken of any combination benefit if you order several parts at the same time. For the country of destination we assume the address of your computer. You can change this country in the shopping cart. In the shopping cart you will also see an indication of the total shipping costs (including any combination benefit). The final order costs are always calculated in the order screen.

When possible, we also give an indication of the delivery time. Keep in mind that the delivery time may increase if you order large parts, or live in remote areas.


Check the terms and conditions of the provider for the exact details, and any exceptions.

Quality codes

We use the following codes to indicate the quality of the parts:

Body parts

A1As new
A2Signs of wear, no rust
A3Damaged, no rust (repair time max. 1 hour)
A4Damaged, no rust (repair time max. 2 hours)
A5Damages have been repaired
B1Surface rust
B2Signs of wear, surface rust (possibly painting)
B3Damaged, surface rust (repair time max. 1 hour)
B4Damaged, surface rust (repair time max. 2 hours)
B5Damages have been repaired
C1Rust, no hole
C2Signs of wear, rust, no holes
C3Damaged, rust, no hole (repair time max. 1 hour)
C4Damaged, rust, no hole (repair time max. 2 hours)
C5Damages have been repaired
D2Signs of wear, rustholes
D3Damaged, rustholes (repair time max. 1 hour)
D4Damaged, rustholes (repair time max. 2 hours)
D5Damages have been repaired
EGOwn usage
R1Rust/holes repared
R2Slightly damaged, rust/holes repared
R3Damaged, rust/holes repared (repair time max. 1 hour)
R4Damaged, rust/holes repared (repair time max. 2 hours)
R5Damages have been repaired
XUsed, no classification

Technical parts

A1Tested, Maximum 35,000 km (22,000 miles)
A2Not Tested, Maximum 35,000 km (22,000 miles)
B1Tested, Maximum 100,000 km (62,500 miles)
B2Not tested, Maximum 100,000 km (62,500 miles)
C1Tested, 100,000+ km (62,500+ miles)
C2Not tested, 100,000+ km (62,500+ miles)
DParts Donor
EGOwn usage
N1New, tested
R1Overhauled or repaired, tested
R2Overhauled or repaired
XUsed, no classification

Other parts

A1As new
A2Signs of wear, no rust
A3Damaged, no rust (repair time max. 1 hour)
XUsed, no classification

Frequently asked questions

Do you also ship to [my country] and how fast?

Shipping is done by the supplier of the part, and therefore differs per part. If possible, we will give an indication. Most providers are located in the Netherlands, but some are also in other European countries (this is always stated below the price). In the latter case, the shipment will take longer. It also depends, of course, on what exactly you order: a small, light part is usually faster on site than a large, heavy part (these cannot be shipped with the regular parcel deliverer). If you want to be sure in advance, please contact the provider via the button "More information".

Can I also pick up / what is your address?

On TotalParts you will find parts from different suppliers. Most providers are located in the Netherlands, but some are also in other European countries (this is always stated below the price). With some providers you can choose "Pick up" during checkout. Then complete the order first, and then contact the supplier when you want to pick up the part. You can always contact the provider directly via the button "More information" to make a visit appointment. Click on "Show contact details" for the full address of the provider.

Can I negotiate the price?

We are not about prices. Please contact the provider via the button "More information". Also make sure your offer is reasonable ("half" usually isn't).

Do you also have [other part of the same car]?

Fixed. Use the search engine to find your part. If you have already found a part, you can click on the name of the model there. You will then see all available parts for this model. Then use the filters ("Refine search") to select the correct item.

Does [this part] also fit on my [same/older/younger] model?

No idea. Check on the basis of the photos whether the part corresponds exactly to the part that is now in it. If in doubt, consult a professional mechanic.

I just need that [one part] of that [larger, composite part] on your site

We sell parts in the configuration in which they are usually purchased (for example, a complete front bumper - while you only need a towing eye cover). You can always ask via the button "More information", but also remember that the complete part is often not or hardly salable without that one part. The dismantling company will therefore ask a relatively high price for a relatively small part. If you have the dismantling company disassemble the part in advance, you may still save on shipping costs.

Can you also assemble the part?

Not ourselves. The dismantling company may want to do this (for a fee). Please contact the "More information" button for this. First check exactly where the dismantling company is located (this is always below the price), to avoid having to drive a long way.

I can't order the part online

Not all dismantling companies do direct, online sales. If there is no "Add to cart" button next to the item, please contact the supplier via the "More information" button to arrange payment and delivery.

My payment method is not listed

Each provider has its own payment methods. If yours is not listed, you can look at another, comparable part from another provider, or contact the provider directly to agree on a different payment method.

I am looking for a [part] for my [make+model]

Use the search engine to find your part. Enter your search query in the search box (for example "starter motor astra"), or select a brand+model.

What about the warranty?

You can always return a part within 14 days, without giving any reason. You will then receive your purchase amount + shipping costs back, but you must pay the return costs yourself. Of course, the part must still be in the same condition as when you received it.

If the part is demonstrably defective, the return costs are also for the seller. In that case, you will have to prove that the part arrived defective.

In the case of electrical parts, suppliers sometimes want to "seal" the part in a plastic bag. You can then view the part (if it is the correct type), but not try it. If you do, you will break the "seal", and have therefore officially "used" the part. In practice, it sometimes happens that the reason why the original part broke (for example, a short circuit) is still present, and the newly installed part also immediately malfunctions when switched on. This is difficult to see "from the outside" later on, and difficult to prove.

In all cases you will have to contact the supplier before returning a part to coordinate things.

My part is still not here!

Depending on the size of the part, and whether the seller is located abroad, shipping can sometimes take a little longer. The provider often enters a "track & trace" code. Check your order status (click on the order line). If you cannot find this information, please contact the supplier directly for more information (click on the order line for the contact details of the supplier).