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Leonardo (Fender Left Front - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Shipping is for me too expensive.

07-12-2022, Nederland
Hans (Seat Belt Buckle Middle Rear - delivered by Autobedrijf J. Pater)

verzending 1 ster , niet omwille van de verkoper (deze heeft het nog dezelfde dag aan postnl bezorgd) maar postnl heeft er een ganse week mee rond geredenshipping 1 star, not for the sake of the seller (he delivered it the same day to postnl) but postnl drove around with it for a whole week

06-12-2022, België/Belgique
Helen (Switch - delivered by Boonstra Auto Parts B.V.)

Friendly customer service and quick delivery.

01-12-2022, Eesti
Jorick (Side Mirror Left Electric - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Zeer tevreden, al vaker specifieke onderdelen besteld en netjes onbeschadigd ontvangen.Very satisfied, often ordered specific parts and received neatly undamaged.

01-12-2022, Nederland
Michele (Quarter Glass Window Left - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Ottima esperienza, articolo come da descrizione, risposte puntuali e precise. Ottima organizzazione! Consigliato!Excellent experience, article as described, punctual and precise answers. Great organization! Advised!

30-11-2022, Italia
H (Side Mirror Right Electric - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Gewoon goed!Just good!

29-11-2022, Nederland
M (Emblem, Throttle Valve - delivered by Autohandel Demontage Weteringbrug)

snel geleverd, en goede servicefast delivery, and good service

29-11-2022, Nederland
Andrea (Airbag Passenger - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

The experience has been great. The only suggestion I could give you is to indicate better the delivery time.

27-11-2022, Italia
Giuseppe (Glove Box - delivered by BOR Motorparts)

Materiale in ordine tempi di consegna congrui ottimo venditore CONSIGLIATO!Material in order delivery times congruous excellent seller RECOMMENDED!

27-11-2022, Italia
Prince (Catalytic Converter - delivered by van der Horst GmbH)

You guys are the best 💖 thank you

24-11-2022, Ireland
John (Ignition Switch + Key - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Geen contact persoonlijk gehad.Had no personal contact.

22-11-2022, Nederland
Guido (Headlight Left - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Bij de koplamp die ik besteld had was er een onderdeel voor verblinding van de lamp losgekomen en heb ik het zelf moeten repareren.With the headlight I ordered, a part for glare had come loose from the lamp and I had to repair it myself.

22-11-2022, België/Belgique
Theo (Dashboard - delivered by MotoParts.eu)

Klantcontact nvtCustomer contact n/a

22-11-2022, Nederland
rik (Windshield Wiper Switch - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Jammer dat het geleverd stuk niet het juist was,was voor recht stuur voertuig,hoe stuur ik dat terug?Too bad the delivered piece wasn't it right,was for straight steering vehicle,how do I send that back?

21-11-2022, België/Belgique
Percy (Engine Cover Clutch - delivered by BOR Motorparts)

Het verzending was niet gekomen op de afspraak maar na een telefoontje is het goed geregeld bedanktThe shipment had not come to the appointment but after a phone call it is well arranged thanks

20-11-2022, Nederland
Rinze (Side Mirror Right - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Ik geef het klantcontact voorlopig 3 sterren omdat ik geen contact heb gehad (omdat het ook niet nodig was)I give the customer contact 3 stars for the time being because I have had no contact (because it was also not necessary)

18-11-2022, Nederland
nabeh (Emblem - delivered by UAB Recaras)


17-11-2022, België/Belgique
Tommy (Steering Rack - delivered by B-parts.com)

Altijd de juiste beschrijving en snelle levering en goed van prijs . TOP !!!!!!Always the right description and fast delivery and good of price. TOP!!!!!!

16-11-2022, België/Belgique
Bertus (Alternator - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Alles naar tevredenheid geleverd en voor een mooie prijsEverything delivered satisfactorily and for a nice price

15-11-2022, Nederland
William (Rear Hatch, Bumper Rear - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Heeft lang geduurd voordat ik de bestelleing binnen heb gekregen, geen BTW factuur gehad terwijl er in de advertentie stond dat het incl. btw was.
mvg William Hageman
Welas autoschade.Took a long time before I received the order, did not have a VAT invoice while the advertisement said that it was incl. VAT.
mvg william hageman
Welas car damage.

15-11-2022, Nederland
georges (Control Panel Ac - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

perfecte servic

10-11-2022, België/Belgique
Corrie (Side Mirror Right Electric - delivered by Autohandel Demontage Weteringbrug)

Het betreffende onderdeel nog niet gemonteerd. Weet op dit moment nog niet of het ook werkt.The relevant part has not yet been assembled. Don't know at the moment if it works.

10-11-2022, Nederland
Sophie (Mirror Glass Right - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Buitenspiegel was met een paar schroeven en tape gerepareerd, dit was op de foto nauwelijks te zien en stond niet in de beschrijving . . . alleen het spiegeltje zelf hebben we kunnen gebruiken.Exterior mirror was repaired with a few screws and tape, this was barely visible in the photo and was not in the description ... only the mirror itself we were able to use.

08-11-2022, Nederland
G. (Rear Light Trunk Lid Left - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Een track trace ontvangen zou fijn zijn.
Geen klantencontact gehad.Receiving a track trace would be nice.
Had no customer contact.

07-11-2022, Nederland
Davy (Steering Column Housing - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Super service en heel snel terplaatseSuper service and very fast on site

06-11-2022, België/Belgique
Fabio (Rear Shelf - delivered by Auto Casse Thiebault)

Il ricambio è arrivato il gg.4 integro ben imballato spedizione celere complimenti per la serietà grazieThe spare part arrived the gg.4 intact well packed fast shipping congratulations for the seriousness thanks

05-11-2022, Italia
Jon (Side Mirror Left Electric - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Great service would gladly do business again

04-11-2022, United Kingdom
STEFANO (Engine Mount - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Prezzi vantaggiosi, l'unico difetto sono i tempi di spedizione. Ho ricevuto il ricambio dopo una settimana e mezza dall'ordineAdvantageous prices, the only defect is the shipping times. I received the spare part after a week and a half from the order

03-11-2022, Italia
Bart (Combi Switch - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Het geleverde onderdeel was uiteindelijk defect. Maar na contact (per mail) heeft men besloten om mij de kosten van het onderdeel en ook de verzending terug te betalen. Wat ik uiteraard ten zeer op prijs stel. Dank u wel AD STOUTEN BV. Volgende keer zal ik zeker opnieuw proberen.The delivered part was ultimately defective. But after contact (by mail) they decided to refund me the cost of the part and also the shipping. Which, of course, I greatly appreciate. Thank you AD STOUTEN BV. Next time I will definitely try again.

02-11-2022, België/Belgique
Guido (Side Mirror Right Electric - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Ik ben er tevreden en alle functies van een buitenspiegel werken.I am satisfied and all the functions of a door mirror work.

02-11-2022, Nederland
hugo (Engine - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)


01-11-2022, Portugal
Guus (Heater Motor - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Helaas bleek een voor mij essentieel onderdeel toch beschadigd, wat op de foto niet of nauwelijks zichtbaar was. Dat is helaas het risico met 2e-hands producten. Maar de leverancier heeft heel netjes aangeboden om het artikel weer terug te nemen en het geld terug te storten. Top!Unfortunately, an essential part for me turned out to be damaged, which was not or hardly visible in the photo. Unfortunately, that is the risk with 2nd-hand products. But the supplier has very neatly offered to take back the item and refund the money. Top!

31-10-2022, Nederland
Ludovico (Miscellaneous - delivered by Boonstra Auto Parts B.V.)

è un sito dove raggruppa tanti demolitori di auto, quindi tutti pezzi usati ma nel complesso in condizioni pari al nuovo per quei 4 pezzi che ho comprato, una piccola spolverata e tornano nuovi. Lo consiglio assolutamente in quanto ho comunque risparmiato tanto rispetto al concessionario ricambi e ai venditori privati che sono dei "ladri di polli". Spedizione ECCEZIONALE, imballaggi veramente fatti bene, tempi di consegna paragonabili ad Amazon Prime quindi neanche il tempo che avete fatto l'ordine ed è già sotto casa. Davvero eccezionali una pecca è che hanno poco materiale almeno per quanto riguarda i veicoli che possiedo. Già auto di 30 anni fa non trovi quasi nulla. Spero di poter comprare ancora da voi un domani.It is a site where it groups many car wreckers, so all used pieces but overall in like new condition for those 4 pieces I bought, a small dusting and come back new. I absolutely recommend it as I still saved a lot compared to the spare parts dealer and private sellers who are "chicken thieves". EXCEPTIONAL shipping, packaging really well done, delivery times comparable to Amazon Prime so not even the time you have made the order and is already under the house. Really exceptional a flaw is that they have little material at least as regards the vehicles I own. Already cars from 30 years ago you find almost nothing. I hope to be able to buy from you again tomorrow.

28-10-2022, Italia
Stefan (Door Left Front, Door Left Rear - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

prima service onderdelen waren in de staat zoals ze beschreven warenfine service parts were in the condition as they were described

27-10-2022, Nederland
Nikolay (Fuel Flap - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)


26-10-2022, Nederland
H (Hazard Light Switch - delivered by MB Tada Dalys)

Blij mee , voldoet 100% aan de verwachtingenHappy with it, 100% meets expectations

24-10-2022, Nederland
Rene (Side Mirror Right Electric - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Wing mirror (complete unit) was clearly presented on the website. The order was received within a couple of days, neatly packaged. The status of the order was continually updated. The goods were of good quality and worked as they should.

21-10-2022, Nederland
Guido (Power Steering Pump - delivered by Autohandel Demontage Weteringbrug)

Prima service, onderdeel geplaatst en werkt naar behoren. Een aanrader dus :-)Excellent service, part placed and works properly. Highly recommended :-)

18-10-2022, België/Belgique
Jac (Rim Set 1Pc - delivered by van der Horst GmbH)

tot in de puntjes geregeld, en dat voor die prijs.
geen op of aanmerkingenarranged down to the last detail, and that for that price.
no comments or remarks

18-10-2022, Nederland
Eric (Achterplastiek - delivered by MotoParts.eu)

Tout est parfais. MerciEverything is perfect. Thank you

16-10-2022, France
Michael (Power Steering Pump - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

I will buy again,

15-10-2022, Trinidad and Tobago
H. (Headlight Right - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Snelle levering! Goed materiaal.Fast delivery! Good material.

14-10-2022, Nederland
theo (Strut Left Front - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)


14-10-2022, Greece
Will (Switch Power Window Left Front - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Volvo onderdeel (raam bedieningspaneel links voor) besteld bij Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV, zeer snelle levering, schoon, juiste onderdeel en prima werkend!Volvo part (window control panel front left) ordered from Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV, very fast delivery, clean, correct part and working fine!

12-10-2022, Nederland
frank (Rear Shelf - delivered by B-parts.com)


10-10-2022, Nederland
Rodger (Seat Heater Switch - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

En goed verpakt!Easy!
And well packaged!

10-10-2022, Nederland
Hans (Side Mirror Right - delivered by B-parts.com)

heel vlot verlopen allemaal, onderdeel was dat wat ik wou.it all went very smoothly, part was what I wanted.

09-10-2022, België/Belgique
Stephan (Control Panel Heating - delivered by Autohandel Demontage Weteringbrug)

Prima voor elkaar supersnelle verzendingGreat for each other super fast shipping

09-10-2022, Nederland
Frank (Mirror Glass - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Die Kommunikation ist etwas holprig, aber ansonsten hat alles gut geklappt.The communication is a bit bumpy, but otherwise everything worked out well.

07-10-2022, Deutschland
Ejaz (Gearbox Manual - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Top bedrijfTop company

04-10-2022, Nederland
Fulvio (Fender Rear - delivered by MotoParts.eu)

Bravi e onestiGood and honest

03-10-2022, Italia
Beau (Door Quarter Glass Window Right Front - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Allereerst wat ongelooflijk super dat jullie bestaan!
Echt geweldig!
Heb het vanuit Italie geregeld en naar de garage hier laten sturen.
Duurde iets langer dan we gewend zijn in NL, maar dat is hier normaal ;-)
Hoop dat de partij/bedrijf waar het vandaan komt ook hoort dat ik positief ben.
En de garagist waar ik bij ben nu in Italie was natuurlijk verrast, hij kwam eerst met nieuwe Subaru raam (1999 bouwjaar) voor 295,00.
Ik zei wacht maar even ik ga zoeken!
Nu heeft hij ook weet van jullie en dat is voor iedereen top volgens mij :-)
hoop eigenlijk niet snel meer jullie site op te moeten zoeken (hahahh) dat impliceert dat ik weer iets aan mijn auto zou hebben.
Maar ik bazuin het wel rond :-) fijne dag nog en met vriendelijke groet, Beau TichelmanL.S.
First of all, how incredibly wonderful that you exist!
Really great!
I arranged it from Italy and had it sent to the garage here.
Took a little longer than we are used to in NL, but that is normal here ;-)
Hope that the party/company where it comes from also hears that I am positive.
And the mechanic I am with now in Italy was of course surprised, he first came with new Subaru window (1999 year of construction) for 295.00.
I said wait A minute I'm going to search!
Now he also knows about you an

30-09-2022, Italia
Frans (Ignition Switch + Key - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Omdat het onderdeel onbruikbaar is, moet ik er helaas, een manier zien te vinden om het terug te sturen.Because the part is unusable, I unfortunately have to find a way to return it.

30-09-2022, Nederland
Viviana (Footrest Bracket Rear Right - delivered by Cama Motorparts)

Purtroppo il pezzo da me ordinato ( staffa x gsxr 1000 k8 ) è arrivato con il poggia piedi scheggiato, e all'apparenza usato .Unfortunately the piece I ordered (bracket x gsxr 1000 k8) arrived with the chipped footrest, and apparently used.

27-09-2022, Italia
Henk (Fuse Box - delivered by van der Horst GmbH)

Tevreden kwaliteits productSatisfied quality product

26-09-2022, Nederland
Halvor (Headlight Left - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Prima, bedanktFine, thanks

24-09-2022, France
Rob (Air Intake Hose - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Good quality, fast delivery, good price

23-09-2022, Nederland
Yves (Airbag Module - delivered by B-parts.com)

Sérieux,fiable ,rapide ,efficaceSerious, reliable, fast, efficient

19-09-2022, France
Aronne (Rear Light Left - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

all ok!

19-09-2022, Italia
Rene (Seat Belt Buckle Right Rear - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

onderdeel was voorzien van een geverfd nr, welke zeer moeilijk te verwijderen was
onderdeel was verder wel in ordepart was provided with a painted number, which was very difficult to remove
part was otherwise in order

17-09-2022, België/Belgique
Berend (Cup Holder - delivered by van der Horst GmbH)

Dik tevreden 👍👍Very satisfied

17-09-2022, Nederland
Oliver (Switch Miscellaneous - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Great deal

16-09-2022, Suomi
Ivo (Engine Cover Clutch - delivered by BOR Motorparts)

ongelooflijk snelle en goede service, zelfs met bezorging in Belgie! bedankt jongens voor deze prachtige service.incredibly fast and good service, even with delivery in Belgium! thanks guys for this wonderful service.

16-09-2022, België/Belgique
Will (Side Window Left Rear - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Is perfect gegaanWent perfectly

13-09-2022, Nederland
Luc (Grill - delivered by Autobedrijf J. Pater)

Snelle service zullen we verder vertellenFast service we will tell you more

13-09-2022, België/Belgique
Erik (Engine Control Unit - delivered by B-parts.com)

Pakket was extreem lang onderweg bij de transporteur, vele malen moeten bellen waar het bleef

11-09-2022, Nederland
Claudio (Quarter Glass Window Left - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Veloci e precisi.Fast and accurate.

09-09-2022, Italia
Raffaele (Brake Light - delivered by Auto-Teile-Markt Lechmann OHG)

Ottimo venditoreGreat seller

09-09-2022, Italia
Aad (Rear Light Right - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

prima geregeld, ook de verzending, en goed ingepakt, zeker een volgende keer waardwell arranged, also the shipping, and well packed, definitely worth next time

08-09-2022, Nederland
Anker (Radio - delivered by B-parts.com)

Geen contact gehad met de verzender, maar was ook niet nodig. Alles is keurig en snel afgehandeld, het product was ook van een goede kwaliteit.Had no contact with the sender, but was also not necessary. Everything was handled neatly and quickly, the product was also of a good quality.

06-09-2022, Nederland
Harrie (Switch Power Mirrors - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Het onderdeel is op 29-8-2022 teruggestuurd op het advies van Ad Stouten omdat die niet paste en geen andere had hij zou het betaalde bedrag terug storten
Harrie Reijnen.The part was returned on 29-8-2022 on the advice of Ad Stouten because it did not fit and no other he would have refunded the amount paid
Harrie Reijnen.

05-09-2022, Nederland
C.H.H. (Switch Headlight Adjustment C - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Prima om zaken mee te doenGreat to do business with

03-09-2022, Nederland
El Guiloui (Windshield Wiper Motor Rear - delivered by Hans Auto Onderdelen)

Tip top

02-09-2022, Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra
michel (Relay Miscellaneous - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

alles okeverything ok

01-09-2022, België/Belgique
Jan (Temperature Sensor - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Het onderdeel is kapot. Ik heb een e-mail teruggestuurd, maar ik hoor niks. :-(The part is broken. I returned an email, but I don't hear anything. :-(

31-08-2022, Nederland
Christopher (Fuel Cap - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Item in good condition, securely packed, fast shipment.

30-08-2022, België/Belgique
WILLY (Throttle Valve - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)


29-08-2022, België/Belgique
Claus (Headlight Right, Headlight Left - delivered by B-parts.com)

Dank graßartiger Hilfe in deutscher Sparche hat alles prima geklappt.
ederzeit wieder!Thanks to graßartiger Hilfe in Deutscher Sparche everything worked out fine.
time again!

29-08-2022, Deutschland
Jan (Window Mechanism Left Front - delivered by Boonstra Auto Parts B.V.)

Door een pc probleem bestelde ik echter 3 stuks alhoewel ik er maar 1 nodig had. Hoe te retourneren is niet duidelijk.Ik heb de 2 te veel bestelde teruggestuurd maaar nog geen bericht gehad. Hopelijk wordt het bedrag van de 2 te veel bestelde terugbeteaald.However, due to a PC problem I ordered 3 pieces although I only needed 1. How to return is not clear. I have returned the 2 over-ordered but have not yet received a message. Hopefully the amount of the 2 over-ordered will be paid back.

26-08-2022, België/Belgique
erwin (Window Mechanism Electric Right - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Prima goede prijs goed product en snel opgestuurd..Great good price good product and sent quickly..

23-08-2022, Nederland
Andre (Amplifier - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Zou sneller bezorgdogen verder topWould be more worried look further top

22-08-2022, Nederland
Boudewijn (Rear Light Right - delivered by B-parts.com)


22-08-2022, België/Belgique
Hub (Ac Pipe - delivered by Boonstra Auto Parts B.V.)

Prima voor iedereen aan te bevelen. 👍 topGreat for everyone to recommend. top

21-08-2022, Nederland
Joey (Rear Light Left - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Uitstekende zaak! Ga hier vaker bestellen.Excellent case! Order here more often.

21-08-2022, Nederland
Raymond (Spare Wheel - delivered by Boonstra Auto Parts B.V.)

Heel goede klantenservice. Toen het toegestuurde onderdeel niet bleek te passen werd er direct een vervangend goed passend onderdeel geleverd en kon ik het verkeerde onderdeel mee retour geven. Toen dit door de ophaaldienst vergeten werd, werd direct een tweede afspraak geregeld waarmee het alsnog werd opgehaald. Helemaal gratis. Een bedrijf wat meedenkt met de klant en graag wat extra moeite wil doen. Een echte aanrader. Top.Very good customer service. When the sent part did not fit, a replacement well-fitting part was immediately delivered and I could return the wrong part. When this was forgotten by the pick-up service, a second appointment was immediately arranged with which it was still picked up. Absolutely free. A company that thinks along with the customer and would like to make some extra effort. Highly recommended. Top.

21-08-2022, Nederland
Henk (Brake Booster - delivered by UAB Recaras)

Helaas hebben wij het onderdeel tot op heden nog Niet ontvangen. Ondanks dat wij een mail hebben ontvangen dat de betaling binnen was en het onderdeel zou zijn verstuurd.Unfortunately, we have not yet received the part. Despite the fact that we received an email that the payment had been received and the part would have been sent.

21-08-2022, Nederland
Jesus Antonio (Seat Belt Left Rear - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Consiglio comprar in totalparts.it perché sono competenti, responsabili, è per la consegna sono molto velociI recommend buying in totalparts.it because they are competent, responsible, is for delivery are very fast

20-08-2022, Italia
Richard (Light Switch - delivered by Boonstra Auto Parts B.V.)

Cockpit verlichting steltlopers werkt nietCockpit lighting waders not working

19-08-2022, Nederland
Patrick (Handlebar Switch Right Hand - delivered by Cama Motorparts)


18-08-2022, Nederland
Wouter (Door Lock Rods Left Front - delivered by Reclycar de Boer B.V.)

Goede service , besteld en de volgende dag al in huis ...
Wordt goed te woord gestaan als je vragen hebt ....Good service, ordered and delivered the next day ...
Will be well answered if you have any questions ....

15-08-2022, Nederland
kurt (Brake Caliper Right Front - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

goede en snelle afhandeling Top servicegood and fast handling Top service

12-08-2022, België/Belgique
Stephane (Power Steering Hose - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

Article arrivé détérioré, tuyau plié. Est-ce du au transport (pas d'emballage a part du film plastique ou est-ce la pièce a envoyée avec le défaut ?Item arrived deteriorated, pipe folded. Is it due to transport (no packaging apart from plastic film or is it the part sent with the defect?

10-08-2022, France
Harry (Rim - delivered by B-parts.com)

Goede verzending, vlugge verzending, gewoon weg primaGood shipping, fast shipping, just gone fine

09-08-2022, Nederland
thomas (Rear Light Right - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Glas van de verlichtingsunit zat voor 75% los. Heb dit moeten kitten wat je altijd ziet. Stond niet in de advertentie vermeld. Ging er dus van uit dat het onderdeel in goede staat was op n krasje her en der na.Glass of the lighting unit was 75% loose. Have to kitten this what you always see. Was not mentioned in the ad. So assumed that the part was in good condition except for one scratch here and there.

09-08-2022, Nederland
philippe (Cooling Fan - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Ik was tevreden met de bestelling, deze is mooi verpakt en op tijd geleverd.
Dus in de toekomst als ik nog parts nodig heb zal ik het zeker via deze weg doen..
Mvg,PhilippeI was satisfied with the order, it was nicely packaged and delivered on time.
So in the future if I still need parts I will certainly do it this way.

08-08-2022, België/Belgique
Rafael (Inner Fender - delivered by MB Tada Dalys)

Faltaba un trozo, tal y como se ven en las fotos, contento.A piece was missing, as seen in the photos, happy.

07-08-2022, España
Ton (Heater Fan - delivered by Euro Impex Utena, UAB)

snelle levering /perfect verpakkingfast delivery / perfect packaging

06-08-2022, Nederland
Jan (Alternator - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Snel verzonden voeg onderdeelFast shipping add part

05-08-2022, Nederland
Joop (Control Panel Climate Control - delivered by Autodemontage Ad Stouten BV)

Aanrader. Zal zeker terug komen als ik weer iets nodig heb.Recommended. Will definitely come back if I need something again.

02-08-2022, Nederland
Joan Anton (Engine Splash Guard - delivered by MB Tada Dalys)

Todo genial, buen repuesto (en condiciones muy aceptables) y envío rápido.All great, good spare (in very acceptable condition) and fast shipping.

01-08-2022, España

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