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Looking for a used engine block for your car? On this page you'll find complete engine blocks for various car makes, including Volkswagen, Peugeot, Suzuki, Mazda, Honda and more.

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What is an engine block?

The engine block, often referred to as cylinder block, is an integral part of the car's engine. Most engine blocks are made from an aluminum alloy, though older cars may have a cast iron engine block. Cylinders make up the core of the engine block, capped by a cylinder head. The engine block performs a number of functions, including cooling down hot sections of the engine by pumping water through the radiator and acting as the housing for various cylinders, pistons and seals that together ensure the engine runs smoothly.

Engine block failure - cracks and leaks

Failure of an engine block results in failure of the car, meaning the engine block will have to be replaced in order for the car to function again. Failure can happen when the engine overheats and cracks. Sometimes coolant and oils can leak from outside the engine when this happens, or in some cases mix together, causing a myriad of problems to the engine. When you notice or suspect you're engine block is cracked, it's best to stop driving it immediately and get it inspected by a mechanic.

Replacing an engine block

When your engine block is cracked it usually means it will have to be replaced. In some cases a mechanic may be able to repair an engine block, but this can lead to a high cost in replacement parts and billed hours. Replacing the engine block with a used part is often a more affordable option. TotalParts offers a wide selection of complete used engine blocks for various car makes. Used engine blocks displayed on TotalParts can be ordered directly from the supplier. Select your car make and model in the sidebar to view used engine blocks for your car.

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