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What does an ABS pump do?

ABS stands for Anti-locking Breaking System, and as the name suggest, the ABS pump prevents wheels from locking during heavy breaking, keeping the car from skidding or losing control on slippery roads. The ABS pump is one of the components of an ABS system, along with valves, speed sensors and a controller. The ABS pump re-pressurizes the brake line after the valve has reduced the pressure.

Replacing a faulty ABS pump

The ABS pump is a vital part in the ABS system. When there is a fault in the system, you will usually see a dashboard light indicating so. General problems braking may also be an indication of problems with the ABS. When you experience problems with the ABS, it is best to get a qualified mechanic to inspect it. They can tell you whether the ABS pump or any other ABS part needs to be replaced.

Buying a used ABS pump

Replacing an abs pump can cost several hundreds of Euros. Opting for a used abs pump can save a lot of money. On this page you'll find used abs pumps offered by various suppliers and for different car makes, including BMW, Suzuki, Subaru, Volkswagen, Ford and more. Select your make and model in the sidebar to find a suitable abs pump for your car.

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